Fishers of Men

The Bishops' Committee on Vocations presents a program for priests to actively
invite men to consider a vocation to the priesthood. This program is entitled
Priestly Life and Vocations Summit: Fishers of Men and is available in  PDF format. This project is a presbyteral workshop which utilizes the appreciative inquiry method of asking priests about their most positive experiences in the priesthood.  Please see the links below to access the workshop material.

It is the hope of the Bishops’ Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations that this project will bring about a renewal of the priests in the United States and also lead to the regeneration of priesthood itself. This presbyteral workshop is based on interviews with priests. The actual convocation with the priest includes their testimonies of positive priestly experiences, establishing strategies for promoting priestly vocations, and creating a structure within the presbyterate for inviting men to consider the priesthood.

With the premiere of the full-length DVD feature of "Fishers of Men," the USCCB Secretariat for Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations has now made available an overview of the DVD, a general set of discussion questions and a set of discussion questions for priests.

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Table of Contents

Letter from Bishop Blase J. Cupich

"Priests: Men of Word, Sacrament and Initiation"


Appendix A: PowerPoint I for Presbyteral Council

Appendix B: Timeline for Priestly Life and Vocations Summit

Appendix C: Sample Letter I: From Bishop to Priests

Appendix D: Sample Letter II: To Priests to be Interviewed

Appendix E: Interview Questions

Appendix F: PowerPoint II: Sample of Priest Responses

Appendix G: PowerPoint III: Priestly Life and Vocations Summit Presentation

Appendix H: PowerPoint IV: Diocesan Sample 

Appendix I: Schedule

Appendix J: Schedule & Notes  

Appendix K: Qualities and Characteristics of a Prospective Priesthood Candidate

Appendix L: Follow-up Responses & Sign-up Sheet

Appendix M: Evaluation Form


Resource A: Articles Regarding Priestly Vocation Efforts

Resource B: Words of Pope John Paul II Inviting Young Men 

Resource C: Letter of Invitation to High School Students

Resource D: Discernment Information