Fishers of Men Testimonies

I am a high school religion teacher who has made a huge effort to use scenes from films to teach the faith to my high school sophomores…Recently, someone sent me a copy of the short film, Fishers of Men, which was produced by the USCCB for discussions with young men who are thinking about the priesthood. On a day when the expected speaker failed to show up for my classes, I popped that DVD into the machine and showed it to my 15-year-olds. They were riveted!!! The fast action and MTV-style totally engrossed them and I could tell many were touched. A very good discussion followed about finding out God’s will for us in our lives.

Noelani Sheckler-Smith
Religion Department & Campus Ministry Chair
St. Vincent De Paul High School

I was “moved to tears!” Thank you for opening my eyes.

David B. Morton

Monsignor William Easton of the National Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak, Michigan, made of point of showing Fishers of Men at each mass last weekend. From the moment it started, the entire congregation was pulled in to the video as though we were one with it mentally and physically. Not a sound could be heard. For 55 years as a Roman Catholic lay woman, this is exactly how I have seen my faith and the power of our shepherds, our priests. THANK YOU for taking the lead in bringing the call for vocations front and center to our prayer lives and thank you for portraying the JOY of our priests as they tirelessly shepherd us each day.

Therease Headley
Ann Arbor, Michigan

“I cannot think of enough superlatives to describe the quality and impact of the video.”

Rev. Francis A. Nave
Director of Vocations
Diocese of Allentown

"Fishers of Men was well done. It is by far the best vocation video I have ever seen. It will touch the hearts and minds of many across the country. It allowed those exploring their vocation an excellent vantage point from which to more fully see the sacrifices, challenges, and gifts that could be received from serving in the contemporary America priesthood. It inspires many to answer the call to follow Christ."

Brandon E. Macadaeg
Catholic University of America
Washington, DC

“Oh my gosh! This movie is amazing. I am a Pre-Theologate student here at Ave Maria, and this film made me cry and made me want to be a priest TOMORROW! It is so powerful! I think that is so amazing that one film can inspire men to consider the priesthood, while at the same time giving the men who are priests their dignity back, reminding them of the grace and place of honor and service that is theirs.”

Micah J. Wright
Ave Maria University
Naples, Florida

“I thought it was extremely moving, and it sort gave that great reminder for why we got in this in the first place. In fact, I would love for my nephews to see it at some point.”

Msgr. David J. Malloy
General Secretary

"Fishers of Men goes beyond what any person could expect of a vocations film. This film touched my heart and soul! It made me feel so proud that I am able to say ‘yes’ to God's call to the vocation of priesthood. I feel this film will inspire not only those who are discerning but also those who have already found God's call and are priests and/or religious; this film will rekindle within them a feeling that what they do makes a difference in the lives of everyone. I would recommend this film to every diocese, parish, and individual, with my hopes and wishes that if they were not discerning that they would still watch this film and find a higher respect and dignity in what their priest does in his dedication to God and to God's people."

Chad Eckles
Catholic University of America
Washington, DC

“I believe this is what not just the priests of America needed, but all priests for that matter. We all need a renewed deeper understanding and appreciation of our God-given vocation. At a time when the priesthood has been bruised, scourged and crucified, this project is the crack of Easter dawn . . . I sincerely believe that this video is a light but deep approach towards clergy renewal.”

Rev. Rufino C. Sescon, Jr.
Director of Ongoing Formation
Archdiocese of Manila, Philippines

“Fishers of Men is an outstanding and genuinely moving piece of work. Unlike so many other vocations videos, it appeals to the desire in every man to be a hero, to stand up for something great. Through the power of image and sound, the viewer is drawn in and encouraged to explore the priesthood in a real way; to consider the priesthood as a heroic life to be lived rather than simply a job to be done. The testimony by young priests and seminarians is powerful and relevant to the experiences and desires of today's young men. By appealing to our generation's hunger for truth, meaning, and values, Fishers of Men far exceeds all expectations. I would recommend Fishers of Men for every parish, every priest, and every young Catholic man who has ever felt even the quietest calling to explore the priesthood.”

Kevin Kimtis
Catholic University of America
Washington, DC

“Everyone's gaze was transfixed on the screen. The seminary's video equipment and sound system are excellent and so we had the full impact of the film. After the viewing quite a few people (including a Mother Superior from one of our convents) came to me to find out how they could order the DVD to use for their youth groups, their parishes, etc. You have a hit in your hands!”

Sr. Marie de la Trinite Siopongco, SSVM
Committee on World Mission

“The film is fantastic. It should be shown on commercial TV. It should be sent to every diocese vocation director. It should be available for viewing on the internet. The segment dealing with the car accident is one of the most moving scenes I have seen. Congratulations on an excellent production.”

David E. Stein
Cincinnati, Ohio

“‘Fishers of Men’ . . . is absolutely brilliant. I have watched dozens of videos from various seminaries, religious orders and dioceses and none of them come close to this in terms of presenting the beauty of the priesthood in an emotionally powerful way. I have had (in my mind) the idea of a video that would convey the power and beauty of the vocation, and you have captured it . . . I popped it in and found myself getting choked up at a couple of parts . . . It was a huge success. Young men, as well as priests, parents and youth ministers just loved it. I had over 20 requests for copies by the end of the weekend. One young man watched it twice in a row and just stood there with tears welling up. I am going to try to get a copy to every pastor, every parish vocations committee, every youth group, every Catholic high school and every young man who has contacted us in the last 4 years. I think everyone should do the same. This thing is dynamite, and we need it right now in this line of work.”

Robert A. Schuette, Ph.D.
Associate Vocations Director
Archdiocese of Cincinnati

“I really feel that this video is the best tool I have seen, besides priests themselves, to promote vocations to the priesthood, getting the conversation started with young men that every Catholic male should consider the priesthood as an option and that we need ‘real men who are willing to lay down their life for Jesus Christ’ and respond to His call.

I showed the Fishers of Men video to my classes and after viewing it there was complete silence in the room and all you could hear were a few awestruck wows. Every hand quickly shot up as I asked if they liked the video. I asked for their opinions and students in each class, independent of one another, responded to my question with the same single word, ‘POWERFUL.’

They were thoroughly impressed and renewed in their love and respect for the priesthood and their priests through this video. What a wonderful tool for promoting vocations to the priesthood, renewing priests, and calling all people to live out their vocation with courage, zeal, and holiness. This is the best video I have seen on the priesthood and I would recommend that all Catholics, teachers, and catechists see Fishers of Men. What a great new gift the Church has in this video. May God bless our Church with many holy vocations to the priesthood.”

Sister Cecilia Joseph, O.P.
Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia
(Nashville, Tennessee)

AWESOME!! It made me proud to be a priest and has had a profound impact on those who have seen it. AWESOME!

Rev. Christopher B. Rogers
Vocations Director
Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Simply a wonderful and deeply inspiring video. It must be shared with all vocation directors and youth groups . . . . I do hope that as many priests as possible see this video which will hopefully edify them and serve in some measure to show our abiding gratefulness for their lives of service.

Peter O’Malley
New York City

“What a wonderful and inspiring vocations video. This is the best vocations video that I have ever seen, and I loved every minute of it. I watched it twice in a row. I think this is the perfect way to get the vocations message out to all young men considering the Priesthood . . . This DVD can counter the strong influences in today's society, because it looks at today's priesthood in a 21st century way.”

Marc D. Soellner
Cincinnati, Ohio

“The DVD is truly an awesome production. I suggest the US seminaries commence building expansions right now to handle the onslaught of pious men.”

Mike Moroz
Catholic Radio
Terre Haute, Indiana