Vocations Monstrance

Utilizing a Monstrance Blessed by the Holy Father for use during the Year of the Eucharist and designated for the Church in North America

Origins and Purpose of the Vocations Monstrance

On November 24, 2004 the late Pope John Paul II blessed six monstrances for use during the Year of the Eucharist for people to pray for an increase of vocations to ordained ministry and consecrated life. The Year of the Eucharist began October 17, 2005 and concluded in October, 2006 with a world Synod of Bishops with the Eucharist as its theme. The monstrances were designated for Eucharistic adoration for vocations for each major continent or geographical area around the world as a symbol of the connection between the Eucharist and priestly vocations. The six regions given a monstrance are: North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific. 

Obtaining the Vocations Monstrance in your diocese

If you are interested in obtaining the Vocations Monstrance in your diocese, please contact your Diocesan Vocation Director.

Vocations Monstrance Tours the United States

The first diocese to receive the monstrance was Portland, Maine in February, 2005. A year later, the monstrance had traveled to over 45 dioceses throughout the U.S. and Canada by February, 2006. Due to the overwhelming volume of requests for the monstrance, the Bishops’ Committee on Vocations made a decision to prolong the availability of the monstrance beyond the end of the Year of the Eucharist, and as long as interest continues. There are now return visits to certain dioceses on the schedule and others have inquired regarding this possibility. The monstrance will continue to travel as long as it is requested.

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