Vocation Camps and Summer Vocation Events

“Strengthened by this hope we address ourselvesto you, children, adolescents and young people, so that in your choice of future you may welcome God's plan for you: you will be happy and fulfilled only by being open to fulfilling the Creator's dream for his creature. How we wish that this document could be like a letter addressed to each one of you, in which you could sense, with the help of your educators, the care which Mother Church has for each one of her children, that particular care which a mother has for the youngest of her children. A letter in which you might recognise your problems, the questions that live in your young hearts and the answers that come from He who is the eternally young friend of your souls, the only one who can give you the truth! Know, dearest young people, that the Church anxiously follows your progress and your choices. And how beautiful it would be if this letter would rouse up in you some kind of response, so that a dialogue may continue with the one who is guiding you...”

                                Pontifical Work for Ecclesiastical Vocations, 1997  

Diocesan/Religious Resources

Diocese of Arlington

   Fiat for young women
   Quo Vadis for young men

Diocese of Duluth
   No Greater Love Vocation Camp for young women
   Adventures in Holiness Vocation Camp for young men

Archdiocese of Indianapolis
   Bishop Bruté Days Camp for young men

Archdiocese of Omaha
  Quo Vadis for young men

Archdiocese of Philadelphia
  Brother Borromeo Vocation  Congress

Diocese of Rapid City
  Totus Tuus

Archdiocese of St. Louis
  Many camps!

Diocese of Wichita
  Totus Tuus

Dominican Vocations - Province of St. Joseph
  Summer 2015 Vocation Events