Putting on a Vocation Assembly


Invite 4-6 people with religious, priestly, or deacon vocation to be on a panel.


  1. Introduction of program and panelist
  2. Panelists will give a presentation of themselves and tell the story of their vocations.
  3. Open Forum: Young people from the audience will be free to ask questions to the panelist of their choice.

Instructions for Panelist When You Invite Them to Your Vocation Assembly

  1. Please tell your story briefly. Your family, your background, why and how you got involved in the church, your experience with ministry. (5 minutes)
  2. Please be ready to answer questions like:
  • What kind of training is involved? How is training for your vocation different than the training of other professions?
  • Why do/did you want to become a brother/sister/deacon/priest? What kind of work do you see yourself doing in the future?
  • When did you decide to do this?
  • How do you handle a life of chastity? Do you feel tempted? Do you think the church should allow married clergy?
  • Are you happy? What’s your favorite thing about being a priest/brother/sister/deacon? What’s the greatest challenge about your life?
  • What qualities do you need to have to be a priest/brother/sister/deacon?
  • Why is there a shortage of religious and priestly vocations? What do you think the problem is? Is the church in trouble?

Follow-up Questions for Homework in a Catholic School or for a Future Youth Group Meeting

  1. Which speaker impressed you most? Why?
  2. Why did these people choose their various religious orders or vocation to serve in a diocese? Distinguish some of the charisms that they were attracted toward?
  3. At what age were most of these women and men first considering a vocation? Do you have any ideas to share about “a calling”? What is a calling toward a priestly or religious vocation?
  4. What do you think about becoming a priest, sister, brother or deacon? List 5 good points (positives) and five bad points (negatives) about the life?
  5. What do you think the biggest obstacle is for a young man who is considering becoming a priest, brother, or deacon or a woman considering sisterhood?

Compliments of the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry