This page serves as the entrance to the Catechism.  Content pages are added to the table of contents and navigation to any required subsite for the Catechism should be added to the left side navigation.  NOTE: the links at left are for demonstration only.  


Additional subsites may added as needed to reflect the same left navigation present on the existing Catechism at


Still need to configure:  a) Users needing access to contribute / modify this content and b) any specific approvers to be added.


For contributors adding pages to this section, a brief training session (about an hour) should be completed in order to apply see also links across Catechism text.  

A reference document explaining see also references, end/footnotes, and line number implemention will also be made available.



A sample catechism text appears below.  Line numbers, see also references, and footnotes shown use configured styles specific for the Catechism.

Sample sections: part sect1 | part2 sect2 | part 3 sect2 | part 4 sect2