Opportunities for Giving

Parish & Diocesan Giving

For most Catholics, opportunities for giving begin in their parish and diocese.  Diocesan and parish stewardship programs should help individuals, families and  communities better understand why, in the context of a total commitment to stewardship that is planned, proportionate, and sacrificial, it is important to set goals for giving.  All Christian stewards must consider prayerfully the gifts they have received from God, and they should make a decision (in advance from the "first fruits" instead of what is left over after obligations have been met) about what will be given. Many parishes now offer electronic funds transfer options for the weekly offertory in addition to the traditional envelope system to help families and individuals meet their stewardship commitments.

National Collections

The bishops of the United States established the national collections to support the Church's works of social justice, evangelization and education, both domestically and around the globe. Jesus reminds us that the two greatest commandments are to love God with our whole heart, our whole mind, and our whole soul; and to love our neighbor as ourselves. The national collections offer us an opportunity to help our neighbors in the light of the Gospel. In doing so, we act as faithful stewards of the gifts God has given us.

Through our parishes, every Catholic participates in a global community of faith. The national collections are a powerful expression of this community. Our contributions help people across the street and around the world, people who struggle to practice the faith, and people who live in great need.

Each of these important collections is worthy of support and represents the community of faith at work in the world, saving souls and improving lives. Catholics are encouraged to view the national collections in the light of stewardship and of sharing. (National Collections not managed by USCCB)

Emergency Collections 

From time to time, when extraordinary situations warrant, the leadership of USCCB will call for an emergency collection to be taken to assist with humanitarian needs and recovery efforts of impacted communities and the Church. Learn more, see the Emergency Collections page.

Ways to Support the Work of USCCB

"People of Life" - Pro-Life Action Campaign 

Join Tom Grenchik and staff to help the bishops in proclaiming that each human life is a precious gift from God. Donate to "People of Life" or learn more about the campaign and help us work toward the day when all human life, especially the unborn, is respected by society and protected by law. 

Parishes Organized to Welcome Immigrants and Refugees (POWIR) to aid in the Syrian Refugee Crisis

The political and humanitarian crisis in Syria continues to be of serious concern for the Catholic Church and the bishops of the United States. In the past five years, at least four million Syrians have fled their country as a consequence of the civil war and the rise of ISIS. Most have fled to surrounding countries, and many others have moved on to Europe with the hope of finding a place of peace and safety. Reflecting Christ's call to welcome the stranger, it is imperative that we help to provide a place of welcome to vulnerable refugee populations, with particular attention given to the ongoing crisis in Syria.  

The Parishes Organized to Welcome Immigrants and Refugees (POWIR) program strengthens the dioceses and parishes' ability to welcome refugees from all over the world.  Its main focus is to encourage parishes to make an ongoing and organized commitment to working with refugees in partnership with the resettlement program of the diocese. In response to the growing crisis, the POWIR program will assist in the resettlement of Syrian refugees. Please consider helping POWIR during this needed time.  Your support will provide long-term assistance locally to all refugees, like the Syrian refugees, by giving them the vital resources they need to keep safe, healthy, and secure. 

If you live in New York, Florida, or Washington, DC, donate online now. To make a donation from another state, please return this donation form to the address indicated.  

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Border Crisis and Unaccompanied Children

The Unaccompanied Children's Fund provides assistance to the growing number of unaccompanied children entering into the United States without vital resources or support. As many of these children are escaping violence, gang recruitment, abuse, and poverty, this fund provides direct support to approximately 80% of the unaccompanied-migrant children released from federal immigration custody to their sponsors in the United State without case management services.  Many of the children assisted have been separated from their families for years and have endured significant trauma either in their home countries or during their journey to the United States. Each donation made to the Unaccompanied Children's Fund provides direct services to these vulnerable children including family reunification services, vital family preservation, and referrals to medical, mental health, educational, and legal services.

If you live in New York, Florida, or Washington, DC you can donate online. To make a donation from another state, please return this form.

National Catholic Fund for Migration and Refugee Services

"Creating a world where immigrants, refugees, migrants, and people on the move are treated with dignity, respect, welcome, and belonging."

The National Catholic Fund for Migration and Refugee Services provides funds to help recently arrived refugees and other migrants who are faced with an emergency or crises--burying a family member, temporary help with unanticipated expenses, help in finding employment, etc. Funds may also be used to provide training and information to those working with refugees in local diocesan refugee programs or to assist MRS/USCCB with advocacy efforts on behalf of migrants and refugees.  If you live in New York, Florida, or Washington, DC, donate online now. To make a donation from another state return this form or go to the National Catholic Fund for Migration and Refugee Services webpage.

Catholic Fund against Human Trafficking

On January 1, 2015, Pope Francis recognized  the World Day of  Peace with the theme:   "Slaves no more, but brothers and sisters." In  alignment with this message, we invite you to answer  Pope Francis' call to build a civilization based on the equal dignity of every person and join our efforts to eliminate the scourge of human  trafficking by making a personal commitment and financial contribution to fight  human trafficking.

Help us in our fight against human trafficking by making a contribution to the Catholic Fund against Human Trafficking.  If in New York, Florida, or the District of Columbia donate online. To make a donation from another state return this form.

Passing on Hope

Passing on Hope is a program designed specifically for refugees to help fellow  refugees.  These funds are used for a variety of purposes, including  supplementing government programs administered by USCCB--Migration and  Refugee Services.  If you live in New York, Florida, or Washington, DC, donate online. To make a donation from another state go to the Passing on Hope webpage or return this form.

Matching Gifts

Your donation can go even further if your employer has a matching gift program.  If so, the employer will match your gift to the charity.  Check with your human resources office.  List of matching gift employers.