Planned Stock / Material Gifts

Advantages of Donating Appreciated Property

Transferring appreciated stock certificates has a distinct tax advantage for the donor.  If you have owned your stocks for at least a year and a day, by donating your appreciated securities, you avoid the capital gains tax you would owe if you sold the securities yourself. The deduction of gifts of appreciated capital-gains property is limited to 30% of your adjusted gross income, subject to the five-year-carry forward provision.  The donor receives credit (and the tax deduction) for the full appreciated value of the stock.  The expense to the donor, however, is the original purchase price of the stock.  It is a win for the donor and a win for USCCB.

Donation of stock may be made to several programs of USCCB.

National Collections

The donor or his/her broker must advise State Street, in advance, that a transfer is being made so that authorizations will be in place for its acceptance. Please contact  the representative for USCCB/National Collections, Thomas Nixon, Client Service Officer, by phone at 617-664-4544 or by e-mail at with the following information:

Donor Name and Address

Broker Name, DTC Number, and Phone Number

Gift details (X number of shares of X stock)

Cusip and/or Ticker (if known)

Date of Transfer

The USCCB’s delivery information is:

DTC Account Name: State Street Bank and Trust

DTC Participant Number: 997

DTC Agent Number: 26022

Reference: FBO USCCB/Name of Collection acct 02DB (e.g. USCCB/Catholic Campaign for Human Development; USCCB/Catholic Home Missions; USCCB/Church in Central & Eastern Europe)
Please copy on all communication with State Street. For any questions, please call Nicole Germain at 202-541-3365.

Migration and Refugee Services

To transfer stock to Migration and Refugee Services, contact or call 202-541-3214 to notify Migration and Refugee Services of the intent to donate. To make the actual transfer, contact Steve Pinto at State Street Bank or call 617-985-7720.

Donor name and full address, broker name, DTC and telephone number, the quantity and name of the stock, the Cusip and Ticker (if known) and the date on which the transfer is made.  The account delivery information is:

State Street Bank and Trust
DTC# 0997
Fund:   02DC-USCCB/Migration and Refugee Services

Please copy on any e-mail.