The Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC) awards grants once each year in the fall. However, the CCC will not be open for grant applications for 2023. Please check back in Spring 2024 for application dates and deadlines for 2024.

CCC grant criteria and information on the grant process can be found below.

THE CATHOLIC COMMUNICATION CAMPAIGN (CCC)  offers grants for communications projects that use media to spread the Gospel message and advance the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' general mission goals.

The CCC's funds are raised through a national diocesan collection taken up in most U.S. parishes in May. One-half of each diocese's CCC collection proceeds are retained by the diocese to support communications projects and goals of the local Church. The remaining half of each diocese's CCC collection supports domestic Catholic communications projects that are national in scope.


CCC grants are available for domestic communications projects that have the potential to reach a national audience. The CCC also offers grants for Catholic communications projects in developing areas of the world where the Church is young and growing. Logo for the Catholic Communication Campaign.

Criteria for projects submitted for domestic CCC grant consideration:

  • Proposals that are unique and/or timely will receive priority consideration.
  • There is a preference not to provide ongoing funding of projects and CCC will only consider funding projects for one year at a time.
  • The CCC is disinclined to support development of media products that are only available through subscriptions or other methods of payment.
  • Proposals that have funding from other sources, indicating a broad support, are more likely to receive priority consideration.
  • Projects that specifically address the current priorities of the USCCB Strategic Plan will also receive priority consideration.

Certain requests are not within the mandate of the Catholic Communication Campaign:

  1. Projects that are of an arch/diocesan or more local scope within the United States will not be considered by the national CCC; these projects can approach the local arch/diocese for funding consideration. (However, projects that have a realistic potential for wider regional impact or for a particular population within the United States, may apply to the national CCC for funding.)
  2. Funding to reduce debt or purchase equipment needed for communications projects.
  3. Media efforts not directly associated with evangelization and the expression of faith in the United States.
  4. CCC funds cannot be used for purchase of real estate, construction of buildings, support for education, equipment repairs or staff salaries that are not related to the funded project.

Criteria for projects submitted for CCC grant consideration from developing nations:

  1. Except for the reduction of debt (see item #2 above), the restrictions above do not apply to projects submitted for CCC grant consideration from Catholic communications entities in developing areas of the world. However as with domestic projects, CCC will only consider funding projects for one year at a time.
  2. Proposals for projects from outside the United States should include a letter of recommendation or endorsement from an appropriate episcopal authority, or, if developed by a religious order or other international Catholic organization, from the appropriate authority within the order or organization.
  3. Proposals from areas of the developing world that are not eligible for grants from other USCCB grant programs will receive priority consideration. The other grant programs are:
    The Church in Latin America
    The Church in Central and Eastern Europe
    Solidarity Fund for the Church in Africa
  4. All proposals for CCC grant consideration must be submitted in English.

The CCC Grant Process

The Catholic Communication Campaign employs a two-stage process for its grants. In stage one, applicants are asked to submit a 100-word summary of the project for which they are seeking a grant. Staff screens those summaries to determine if the projects are within the scope of the CCC's mission and meet our criteria. Applicants whose projects are determined to be eligible are then invited to submit a full application.

Applications are submitted through our grants portal. Applicants must set up an account in the portal in order to submit their applications and supporting documentation. All applicants must submit a budget for their proposed project.

Proposals are screened by staff and subject matter experts. The reviewers notes and full proposals are provided to the Catholic Communication Campaign Subcommittee which is made up of USCCB members. The subcommittee then meets to discuss proposals and decide on grants.

An organization may submit only one request for CCC funding per calendar year.  This applies to both domestic and developing nations applicants. 

CCC grantees must sign grant agreements that designate how funds will be allocated. In most cases, progress reports are required before a second and any subsequent payments are made. Grantees must be willing to provide credit to the CCC in their projects. When possible, grantees are asked to provide photos or other material that the CCC can use in its promotion of the national appeal.

For more information, contact CCC staff.  See information on recent CCC grants here.