Charitable works, such as those performed through direct  service, are an essential response to our faith. Service reminds us of our  connection to those members of our human family who are most in need. The  relationships we form during service help us to see the face of Christ present  in the marginalized.  When we integrate  reflection on Catholic social teaching and social justice issues into our  service experiences, we—and those we serve—can experience transformation.

Act, Reflect, Transform Model of Service
We can sometimes have a tendency to view service  projects as isolated events that start upon arrival at the service site and end  upon exit. This tendency can mean a missed opportunity to make service truly transformational for both those who  serve and for those served. The good news is that there’s a tried and true  process for service called Act, Reflect, Transform that can help make service  transformational!  Take me to this resource.

Service Trip Materials and Resources
Planning a service trip? Get flyers, reflection tools, handouts, and basic nuts and bolts for planning your trip from the Catholic Relief Services Service Trip Resources Site.

Take a Step Activity
This icebreaker or introductory activity asks  participants to step forward or backwards in response to a series of questions.  The results and discussion that follows may surprise you! Take me to this resource.

"The Stack of the Deck" Activity
This demonstration uses volunteers from the audience  and decks of cards to help identify some of the root causes of poverty. Take me to this resource.          

Find Community Groups Promoting Life and Dignity

Find Community Groups Funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD)
CCHD is the Gospel at work and Catholic social teaching in action. Since 1970, CCHD has provided funding for groups of poor and low-income persons who are empowered to address the root causes of poverty in their communities. Get involved with a CCHD group in your community. Contact your diocesan CCHD representative to identify a local group.

Find Community Groups that Help Pregnant Women
Many groups in your community are helping pregnant women, providing counseling, and assisting with their basic needs. Contact your diocesan Pro-life representative to identify a local group that you can get involved with. 

Find Community Charities Agencies
Catholic Charities agencies provide a wide range of services — housing, emergency  services, health care, child care, adoption, and other critical services.  For information on how you can help  contact your local agency.         

Find Catholic Long-term Service Agencies
Discerning long-term service? Search the databases  at the below web pages to identify an organization you can partner with for  service opportunities in the United States or internationally lasting anywhere  from several weeks to several years. 

Catholic Volunteer Network
Search the RESPONSE directory of service organizations