Get some friends together and use the following resources to learn more about Catholic  social teaching and to reflect on social justice issues in light of our faith!


11-Week Reflection Series on Catholic Social Teaching
Caitas in Veritate Study Sessions
Catholic Social Teaching Scripture Reflection Guide
Start a Justice Walking Group on Campus

Coffee Discussion Guide on Faithful Citizenship
Faithful Citizenship Study Sessions
Fair Trade Small Group Guide
Reflection Activity on Privilege
"The Stack of the Deck" Activity on the Causes of Poverty

11-Week Reflection Series on Catholic Social Teaching: An Exploration  of Sacred Scripture and Tradition

Gather a small group and meet for an hour per week for  11 weeks. By the end, you’ll have explored Scripture and Tradition around the  themes of Catholic social teaching and participation in public life.  No advance reading required! Take  me to this resource.


Caritas in Veritate Study Sessions

Interested in Pope Benedict XVI’s newest encyclical but intimidated by its  length?  These study sessions explore the  new encyclical by looking at four of its major themes:          

1) Charity,  Justice and the Common Good,
2) Human Rights  and Duties,
3) Morality in  Economic Life, and
4) Unity of the  Human Family and Global Solidarity.
Take me to this resource.           


Catholic Social Teaching Scripture Reflection Guide

The foundations of Catholic social teaching are  Scripture and Tradition. Your small group can explore the scriptural roots of  CST with this Scripture Reflection Guide.Take me to this resource.  


Start a Justice Walking Group on Campus

College Justice Walking, or J-Walking, is a  semester-long “Discipleship Journey” that forms small communities of college  students who engage in prayer, retreats, reading, dialogue, and relationships,  in order to explore living the Gospel message and the social implications of  our faith. The program includes: seven weekly sessions, ever other of which is  located at a community social service agency; two retreats; a Pilgrimage;  journaling; and reflection on two short books. Take me to this resource.          


Coffee Discussion Guide on Faithful  Citizenship

Sitting down with a mocha frappuccino or a chai tea  latte? Ready to philosophize, hypothesize, and theologize? Then pull out your  copy of Faithful Citizenship and sit down with a friend or two to reflect on the statement’s deep themes:  How does your faith affect your views on issues facing your world? What is the  relationship between your roles as a Catholic and as a citizen? How do you feel  called to respond to issues you care about? Use the questions below, or go  where the spirit (and the caffeine!) leads. Take me to this resource


 Faithful Citizenship Study Sessions

Whether an election is coming up or not, we can all  benefit from reflection on the moral framework that the United States Catholic  bishops provide to help Catholics evaluate issues in the light of our faith.  With a small group, use these six study sessions on: Faithful Citizenship;  Forming Consciences; Avoiding Evil and Doing Good; Life and Dignity of the  Human Person; Solidarity; and Option for the Poor and Vulnerable. Take me to this resource


Fair Trade Small Group Guide

With a small group, learn about and discuss fair trade through  scripture, prayer and Catholic social teaching using this guide created by  RENEW International and Catholic Relief Services. Take me to this resource.


Reflection Activity on Privilege

This icebreaker or introductory activity asks  participants to step forward or backwards in response to a series of questions.  The results and discussion that follows may surprise you! Take me to this resource.

“The Stack of the Deck” Activity on the Causes of Poverty

This demonstration uses volunteers from the audience  and decks of cards to help identify some of the root causes of poverty. Take me to this resource.