The following are some guidelines for an informal, friendly and frank conversation between each college / university president and the local ordinary. What is called for is a conversation, not a report. It is an occasion to review and acknowledge what has been achieved. It is also understood that no situation is perfect, that many factors are involved, and that it is important to look at remaining challenges and issues in the context of this time and this place.

    Catholic Identity and Character
  1. In what ways have the Catholic identity and character of the institution been clarified and enhanced during the first five years of Ex corde Ecclesiae implementation? How has the support of the bishop been helpful in this?
    Communion with the Local Church
  2. How has communion with the local church been strengthened, both by initiatives coming from the institution and by initiatives coming from the bishop or from activities of the local church?
    Incorporation of Spirit and Norms
  3. In what ways has it been possible to incorporate the spirit and norms of Ex corde Ecclesiae in its full content, including the mandatum, in the actual situation of the institution? In what ways has the support of the bishop been helpful in this? What issues have arisen and what remains to be done?
    Continued Dialogue
  4. What is the best way to continue this dialogue between the bishop and an individual president and / or a group of presidents from the diocese, as called for in Ex corde Ecclesiae?