Description: This activity illustrates how Scripture provides a foundation for our concern for those who are poor and vulnerable.

Preparation: Before your presentation, make a single copy of each of the 15 large-print statements below. You may want to use thicker card stock.

Mix up the pile of the 15 statements so that they are not in order.

Identify a space of wall that would fit all 15 statements side-by-side on the wall, with a little space between each one. You may need to temporarily take down posters or picture frames.

Tear off 15 pieces from a masking tape roll. For each piece, tape the ends together to make a small loop of tape, sticky-side out. Stick the 15 loops on the wall so that participants will be able to grab one quickly to adhere the statements to the wall.

Instructions: Pass out the statements, one to each participant. If there are more than 15 participants, hand out one statement to every two or three people and announce that those who were not given a statement should find someone who was given a statement and work as a team with him or her.

Announce to participants that we will be making a timeline that illustrates our scriptural concern for the poor and vulnerable. People with the statements (and their small team, if applicable), have exactly three minutes to arrange their statements on the wall in the correct order—based on the order of the books in the Bible. When they are certain of the order, they should use the loops of tape to adhere the statements to the wall.

Allow several minutes for the participants to complete the activity. Then have everyone stand in front of the timeline they have created while, as a group, you go through each of the biblical events, one by one. Use the answer key on the last page to check the order of the statements. As you go through the statements as a group, talk about how each one illustrates the scriptural concern for those who are poor and vulnerable.

Get the printer-friendly Statements and Answer Key.