The Commission serves as an advisory group of Catholic education practitioners who assist the USCCB Secretariat of Catholic Education in its efforts:To maximize participation by Catholic school students and teachers in federally-funded educational programs.

  • To advocate on behalf of Catholic school students, teachers and administrators during re-authorization and/or revision of existing federal education programs.To evaluate, and support proposed federal legislation that could result in positive benefits for Catholic school students and staff.
  • To oppose any such proposals that result in negative outcomes.
  • To monitor the implementation of federal statutes, as well as the development of regulations and guidelines that affect Catholic schools, their students and staff.


Raymond Burnell
Director of Education
California Catholic Conference

Gina Fleming
Archdiocese of Indianapolis

Michael Coppotelli
Associate Superintendent
Public Policyand Student Services
Archdiocese of New York

Kaitlyn O'Leary

Assistant Superintendent-Curriculum, Instruction, Early Learning and Government Programs
Archdiocese of Seattle

James Herzog
Associate Director for Education
Florida Catholic Conference

Kevin D. Kijewski

Archdiocese of Detroit

Kathy P. Mears

Archdiocese of Boston

Shawn M. Peterson

Associate Director for Public Policy
Minnesota Catholic Conference

Domonic Salce
Assistant Superintendent
Diocese of Phoenix

Paul Stankewitz
Policy Advocate
Michigan Catholic Conference

Joan Thompson
Associate for Research and Outreach
Iowa Catholic Conference

Matthew Vereecke
Diocese of Dallas

NCEA Representative
Sr. Dale McDonald, PBVM, PhD
Director of Public Policy



Jennifer Daniels
Associate Director for Public Policy
USCCB/Secretariat of Catholic Education

Sr. John Mary Fleming, OP
Executive Director
USCCB/Secretariat of Catholic Education

Melissa Swearingen
Associate Director
USCCB/Government Relations

Teresa Kolf Swick
Administrative Assistant
(202) 541-3132