Profession Class Reports

In celebration of World Day for Consecrated Life, the Secretariat of Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations is pleased to offer the results of the Profession Class of 2023 Survey , conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate. This survey was taken by men and women religious who professed their perpetual vows that year. 

Meet the Profession Class of 2023

We asked some of our newly professed men and women religious to share something about themselves that others may find surprising. Their answers below provide some insight into how each discovered their vocational call. Congratulations to the Profession Class of 2023! 

Sr. Isabelle Marie Assirati
Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia

"I first heard the call to enter religious life while studying biochemistry at Oxford. I had never met a religious sister before, and I had always assumed that I would get married and have children. Now, I have the inestimable privilege of being espoused to Christ, and of being a spiritual mother to all the dear children I meet and teach in Tennessee."



Sr. Jennifer Berridge
Congregation of St. Joseph

"I enjoy water sports and swimming indoor and outdoor.  I love the water as an image of God that has stayed with me throughout my life."  



Br. Stephen Cantwell
Order of Friars Minor Conventual, St. Augustine Province

"I joined a religious order after working construction management."



Sr. Maria Faustina Christie Carmichael
Passionist Nuns, St. Joseph Monastery

"When I was young, I had an aversion to the thought of being a nun. In college, I was running toward marriage and pushing thoughts of religious life aside. When I came to know Jesus as Bridegroom and saw that He is the "fairest of the sons of men" (Ps. 45:2), my heart became set on Him so that I desired with every fiber of my being to consecrate my existence to Him."


Sr. Lourdes of the Holy Eucharist Furnells
Mercedarian Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament

"Growing up Jesus was my best friend. I had many interests, but He was my constant. I had this rebellion in me, seeking a cause to give my life for, and when He called me to religious life everything made sense, and I realized He was the one worth giving my life to and for."


Br. Antonio Moualou
Order of Friars Minor Conventual, Our Lady of the Angels Province

"I have a passion of music, particularly liturgical music, in addition to my love for science/engineering. I also enjoy playing sports such as tennis, ping pong, volleyball, etc."



Sr. Maria Luisa Zavaleta Muñoz
 Servants of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Poor, USA Region

"I was studying to become an English teacher when Jesus decided I was ready to answer His call to enter religious life. I felt the call since I was 15. I prayed for it and His answer to me was "Yes! but not yet." It wasn't until I was 24 that He gave me a clear answer by giving me the means to follow him in this journey! Now, my talents are for His glory."


Fr. Brian Reedy
Society of Jesus, USA Central and Southern Province

"I am a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy."




Fr. Michael Rozier
Society of Jesus, USA Central and Southern Province

"I work in the field of public health and health policy, which made the COVID pandemic a particularly interesting professional moment."



Sr. Evangeline Rutherford 
Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration, Immaculate Heart of Mary Province

"I enjoy knitting and crocheting. I have made many stuffed animals for our gift shop. I also enjoy working in our hospital as a Medical Laboratory Scientist, which I did before I entered religious life."



Sr. Lisa Schutz
Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, IN

"I like to do gardening, coloring, and watching sports. I like to go to movies."



Dcn. Zachary Smith
Society of the Divine Word, Chicago Province

"I have always loved science and studied Microbiology before joining my community. I never expected that what I would find God looking through a microscope, and now God invites me to explore the world looking through a bigger lens"



Sr. Whitney Shieltz
Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati

"I enjoy extreme sports such as skydiving, ziplining, and white-water rafting."



Br. Matthew Sislow
Order of St. Benedict, Mount Angel Abbey

"I never had a PB&J sandwich until well into my adult life."



Dcn. Borromeo Seo
Society of the Divine Word, Chicago Province

"I used to represent my state U-13 soccer team."




Fr. Sylvester Tan
Society of Jesus, USA Central and Southern Province

"Fresh out of college, after meeting an 88-year-old French Jesuit priest in Madagascar who had worked with lepers there for over four decades, I entrusted myself to God’s Providence and spent the next six years in Africa, Asia, and Europe living, studying, and growing in my faith accompanied by Jesuits and other Catholics before returning home to the United States to enter the Society of Jesus in 2006."



Sr. Kelly Williams
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

"I have a background in theatre. I grew up with the arts and through religious life I have found many ways to use those gifts and talents that I have cultivated. Included in my love for the arts is tv and movies!"


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