For the Muslim community, Ramadan is the holiest month of the year. The community fasts from sunup to sundown, when they gather to break the daily fast with a communal meal, an Iftar. SEIA's partners at the Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign continue their annual Ramadan series, The United States of Love Over Hate, to faciliate local relationship bulilding between Muslims and non-Muslims. Every year, they provide a nationwide listing of Iftars that are open to interfaith participants, so that YOU can get involved in your area.

This year, the program is even more special, as the Shoulder to Shoulder team embark on a Ramadan Road Trip! Over seven days, they will be stopping in four cities throughout the Southeast - Raleigh, NC; Louisville, KY; Nashville, TN; Atlanta, GA - before completing the trip with their annual Iftar in Washington, DC on May 20, 2019. While on the road, they have been keeping us updated on their experiences. To find out more, you can follow their social media on either Facebook or Twitter.

Shoulder to Shoulder is a coalition of over 40 religious denominations and faith-based organizations taking a stand against anti-Muslim rhetoric and hate in America. Ramadan runs from May 5-June 5, 2019.