Subcommittee on Native American Affairs



  • Most Reverend Chad Zielinski, Bishop of New Ulm


  • Most Reverend John Folda, Bishop of Fargo

  • Most Reverend Terry LaValley, Bishop of Ogdensburg

  • Most Reverend Peter Muhich, Bishop of Rapid City

  • Most Reverend Stephen Parks, Bishop of Savannah

  • Most Reverend Alberto Rojas, Bishop of San Bernardino

  • Most Reverend Austin Vetter, Bishop of Helena


  • Ben Black Bear, Lakota, South Dakota

  • Jenny Black Bear, Lakota, South Dakota

  • Juanatano Cano, Pastoral Maya Inc.

  • Joanie  Denemy, Ojibwe, Michigan

  • Fr. Henry Sands, Executive Director, Bureau of Catholic Indian Mission


  • Fr. Michael Carson, Assistant Director for Native American Affairs