Candidate Research Project

Students will choose a local or national candidate and analyze the candidate's positions in light of the seven themes of Catholic social teaching and the issue areas emphasized in the Bishop's statement.


  • To learn for oneself the complexity of addressing issues raised in the political arena from a perspective of faith.
  • To develop methods of critically examining public policy issues from the perspective of Catholic teaching.
  • To challenge others to examine their choices in a campaign in light of Catholic social teaching and the Bishop's statement on Faithful Citizenship.


  1. Working in groups of 2-4 students, each group will select a local or national candidate.
  2. Students will research five major issues raised by the candidate, including the reasons behind their positions.
  3. Students will then analyze each position in light of the Bishop's statement and Catholic social teaching.
  4. Each student group will have one 20 minute session in which to present their findings.
  5. Students are required to use a combination of the following methods in order to present effectively:
    • Oral lecture
    • Student generated handouts
    • Student generated visual aids
    • References to current and relevant written works on the candidate
    • Contemporary media presentation of the candidate (commercials, campaign literature, etc.)
    • Facilitated class discussion
  6. Student will create a chart listing the candidate's position on the issues and the Catholic stance on the issue.