Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship Audio Messages

Audio Messages for Listening and Sharing

Below you will find links to 30-second and 60-second audio messages that explore the major themes of Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship.  The messages feature Franciscan Father Greg Friedman examining important moral issues that are relevant to making an informed decision in the voting booth that is grounded in the teachings of the Catholic faith.  The messages invite listeners to visit this website for further learning. 

These messages are meant to be shared as public service announcements that can be aired on local Catholic media outlets or as resources for catechists and educators. Please feel free to use them to assist in your efforts to form Catholic consciences.

The Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenships messages were produced in cooperation with Franciscan Media with funding from the Catholic Communication Campaign.

Civility 30-seconds 60-seconds
Conscience Formation 30-seconds 60-seconds
Dignity of Human Life 30-seconds 60-seconds
Not a Scorecard
30-seconds 60-seconds
Talking Politics in Church 30-seconds 60-seconds
Using Faithful Citizenship Correctly
30-seconds 60-seconds