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"Prevention First": Dumb Plan or Dumbest Plan?
Anticonceptivos de Emergencia – ¿Bendición o Abominación?
Cardinal DiNardo Letter on Defunding Planned Parenthood
Cardinal DiNardo Letter on Defunding Planned Parenthood, April 13, 2011
Cardinal Rigali Letter on Abstinence Education Funding
Catholic or Not - Who Decides?
Contraception and Abortion: The Underlying Link
Contraception: Fact Sheets
Contraception: The Fine Print
Contraception: The Fine Print SPN
Does the HHS Mandate Include Abortifacients?
Emergency Contraception - Boon or Bane?
Emergency Contraception Fails to Reduce Abortions
Fact Sheet: Contraceptive Mandates
Fact Sheet: Greater Access to Contraception Does Not Reduce Abortions
Foro asuntos de vida: ¡El Papa Benedicto tiene razón!
Foro asuntos de vida: ¡Tengan cuidado ustedes que pagan impuestos!
foro asuntos de vida: Encontrar la verdad y la paz durante esta Cuaresma
Funding Abstinence Education Programs
Give Kids Respect, Not Contraceptives
Letter in Response to NY Times Article of June 6, 2012, "No Abortion Role Seen for Morning-After Pill"
Letter to Congress on Mandated Contraceptive Coverage and Conscience Protection
Letter to Congress on the Lowey Amendment: Catholic Health Care and Mandatory Contraception
Letter to Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Opposing EPICC
Life Issues Forum - Finding Truth and Peace this Lent
Life Issues Forum: Finding Truth and Peace This Lent
Life Issues Forum: Let the Taxpayers Beware!
Life Issues Forum: Pope Benedict Is Right!
Making Good Marriages Great
No Contraception Link
No Rest from "Mischief"
On the 40th Anniversary of Humanae Vitae
Oppose EPICC
Opposing Equity in Prescription Insurance and Contraceptive Coverage Act (EPICC)
Parental Notification Needed in Title X Program
Regarding Interim Final Rules Relating to Coverage of Preventative Services
Researchers Agree with Pope Benedict: Condoms Can Worsen the AIDS Pandemic in Africa
Response to Guttmacher Institutes Claims on Contraception and Abortion Policy
Response to Guttmacher Institute's Claims On Contraception and Abortion Policy
Some Freebies Cost Too Much
Statement on Population
Statement on the Government and Birth Control
The Lowey Amendment: Catholic Health Care and Mandatory Contraception
The Truth About Reproductive Health
Truth Pressed to Earth Will Rise Again
Will the Winner Please Stand Up