Hope in a Time of Poverty

Reflectionson Poverty Prepared by the Department of Justice, Peace, and Human Development


“I wish to extend an invitation to solidarity to everyone . . . this means caring for the dignity of the person, but above all I would say do not lose hope.” (Pope Francis)


In order to promote a deeper understanding of the Church's social teaching in this time of global economic crisis, the USCCB Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development has released of a series of messages on poverty and today's economy.  

These messages are brief and in a format that easily lends itself to online distribution and parish bulletins. They look at the institutional and systemic causes of poverty in our country today.

Introductory message  (español)

Nutrition and Food Security

Fair Wages and Economic Security

Environmental Justice



PovertyUSA.org (PobrezaUSA.org)
An initiative of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, PovertyUSA addresses poverty from the grassroots perspective with facts and solutions.

Economic Justice for All
A Pastoral Letter from the Bishops of the United States on Catholic social teaching and the economy.

Economic Justice-Economy
This resource rich website explores aspects of the U.S. economy from the perspective of Catholic social teaching.

Caritas in Veritate
In Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth), Pope Benedict XVI offers both an ethical analysis of the economic crisis as well as a moral framework to move forward as one human family. 

Sacraments and Social Mission: Living the Gospel, Being Disciples (Los Sacramentos y la mision social)
This booklet helps Catholics better understand the connections between the celebration of the sacraments and our social mission as members of the Body of Christ.

Vocation of the Business Leader: A Reflection, from the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace
A ready reference for business leaders to integrate faith with work, as well as for professors and teachers for use in formative moments.

Unemployment and Poverty
This page explores unemployment and poverty and contains resources on preaching, educating, and advocating.

Articles on Poverty, Inequality, and Our Catholic Response