Labor Day Statements: Archive

2019 Labor Day Statement | En Español
Bishop Frank J. Dewane
September 2, 2019

2018 Labor Day Statement | En Español
Bishop Frank J. Dewane
September 3, 2018

2017 Labor Day Statement | En Español
September 4, 2017, Bishop Frank J. Dewane

2016 Labor Day Statement | En Español
September 5, 2016,Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski

2015 Labor Day Statement | En Español
September 7, 2015, Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski

2014 Labor Day Statement | En Español
September 1, 2014, Archbishop Thomas G. Wenski

2013 Labor Day Statement | En Español
September 2, 2013, Bishop Stephen E. Blaire

Placing Work and Workers at the Center of Economic Life | En Español
September 3, 2012, Bishop Stephen E. Blaire

Human Costs and Moral Challenges of a Broken Economy | En Español
September 5, 2011, Bishop Stephen E. Blaire

A New "Social Contract" for Today's "New Things" | En Español
September 6, 2010, Bishop William Murphy

The Value of Work | En Español
September 7, 2009,
Bishop William Murphy

An American Catholic Tradition | En Español
September 1, 2008,
Bishop William F. Murphy

A Time to Remember; A Time to Recommit | En Español
September 3, 2007, Bishop Nicolas DiMarzio

A Labor Day Reflection on Immigration and Work | En Español
September 4, 2006, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio

Work, Pope John Paul II, and Catholic Teaching | En Español
September 5, 2005,
Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio

Global Trade That Works for All | En Español
September 6, 2004

Recommitting to Justice for Farm Workers | En Español
September 1, 2003

Monsignor George G. Higgins: Faithful Priest and Voice for Workers | En Español
September 2, 2002

The Dignity of Work and Workers: The Message of Laborem Exercens
September 3, 2001, Cardinal Roger Mahoney

A Jubilee for Workers: Challenges and Opportunities for the New Millennium
September 4, 2000, Cardinal Roger Mahoney

Social Security and Solidarity
September 6, 1999, Cardinal Roger Mahoney

Not a Picnic for Everyone
September 7, 1998, Bishop William Skylstad

Economic Progress: Looking Beyond the Numbers
September 1, 1997, Bishop William Skylstad

An Economy of Paradoxes: Labor Day Challenges
September 2, 1996, Bishop William Skylstad

Renewing the Social Contract: Reclaiming the Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers
September 4, 1995, Bishop John H. Ricard S.S.J.

Work: Still at the Center of the Social Question
September 5, 1994, Bishop John H. Ricard S.S.J.

A "Labor Priest" Challenges Us
September 6, 1993, Bishop John H. Ricard S.S.J.

Work and Family: Old Values, New Challenges
September 7, 1992, Bishop James W. Malone

A Time for Action
September 2, 1991, Bishop James W. Malone

On the New Condition of Labor
September 3, 1990, Msgr. George G. Higgins

Freedom, Justice and the Role of Unions
September 4, 1989, Bishop Joseph M. Sullivan

Solidarity and American Catholics
September 5, 1988, Bishop Joseph M. Sullivan

Rights and Responsibilities of Workers
September 7, 1987, Bishop Joseph M. Sullivan

Family and Work
September 1, 1986, Cardinal John J. O'Connor