Strengthening Refugee Families

"...  it is from the family that citizens come to birth and it is within the family that they find the first school of the social virtues that are the animating principle of the existence and development of society itself."
—Pope John Paul II, On the Family (Familiaris Consortio), no. 42

Given the importance of family life, the bishops believe that reunification should continue to be a central part of U.S. immigration policy.  Migration and Refugee Services serves undocumented children detained by the Federal Government and, though a network of 138 providers across the country, seeks to reunite these children with their families.  MRS staff and the network provide family reunification services in almost all states.  These services assist in providing an alternative to costly detention for children as they navigate immigration proceedings and safely reunite with family. 

MRS/Children's Services provides on-going consultation and technical assistance to a variety of entities and individuals on the emerging issues in child migration and program services for refugees and immigrant children and families.  We are continually informing systems to assist with improving policy and practice in the area of children and migration.


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