Call to Prayer Ideas for Parishes

Pastors and parish leaders are encouraged to promote the Call to Prayer by making it part of regular parish life. This is a positive opportunity to engage the entire community in the power of intercessory prayer for the intentions of life, marriage and religious liberty. There a numerous ways to participate.

  • Host a Monthly Eucharistic Holy Hour: This could be held on the last Sunday of each month or at another time determined to best fit the parish calendar. A suggested Eucharistic Holy Hour template is available.

  • Prayers of the Faithful at Mass: Special Prayers of the Faithful at Mass may be used during daily and Sunday Mass to increase awareness of these important issues. Although suggestions are available, parishes are also welcome to use their own variations. Parishes may also use the weekly intentions which are sent out each Thursday by email and text message. 

  • Religious Freedom Week: Another way for parishes to participate in the Call to Prayer is through Religious Freedom Week. This is a time to reflect on the God-given nature of religious liberty, the right to bring our faith into the public square, and the rights of individuals and institutions to conduct their professional lives according to their religious convictions.

  • Other Ways to Promote the Call to Prayer: Post the Call to Prayer logo and web banners on your diocesan and parish web pages. Put them in the parish bulletin or even in the ad section. The weekly intentions / Español (subject to change) are now available for 2016.

  • Leader sign up: Stay connected for leader updates by subscribing to a leader email list

Share with us your parish or diocesan Call to Prayer activities and events! 
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Thank you for all you do to promote Life, Marriage and Religious Liberty!