Novena for the Legal Protection of Human Life: August 10, 2018

 Call to Prayer Novena Week 2


Maya change in the U.S. Supreme Court move our nation closer to the day when every human being is protected in law and welcomed in life.

Our Father..., Hail Mary..., Glory Be...


Offer a sacrifice for the intention.
(Ideas for fasting.)


If Roe is overturned, the democratic process—not the courts—will determine abortion policy.

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Before Roe, all states permitted abortion if necessary to save the mother's life, and some permitted abortion in additional circumstances.1 But Roe deemed any prohibition on abortion as unconstitutional.

If Roe is overturned, policy decisions about abortion will be made by the citizens of each state through the democratic process, rather than by courts. Some states will place limits on abortion, in others there will likely be few limits.2

Not until Roe v. Wade is reversed will the people again be able to govern themselves on the important public policy issue of abortion.

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1 Paul Benjamin Linton, "Planned Parenthood v. Casey: The Flight from Reason in the Supreme Court," 13 St. Louis University Public Law Review 15, 24-26 (1993).

2 "Letting Go of Roe," The Atlantic Monthly, January/February 2005, 48.