Catholic Communication Campaign Helps Church Evangelize Digital Culture

April 20, 2012 By Public Affairs Office

WASHINGTON—Catholics will have thechance to promote the work of the Church in the worlds of digital and socialmedia, thanks to the Collection for the Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC), whichwill be held May 20 in many U.S. parishes.

The CCC is a National Collection ofthe U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

“The projects funded by the CatholicCommunication Campaign help the Church evangelize the digital culture,” saidArchbishop Dennis Schnurr of Cincinnati, chairman of the bishops’ CCC subcommittee.“The bishops firmly believe in the importance of supporting good work thatallows the Church to keep pace with today’s rapidly changing communicationsworld.”

In 2011, the CCC funded the VirtualWorld Youth Day pilgrimage, a web-based project that allowed thousands to sharein the celebration of World Youth Day in Madrid by registering online, creatinga personal “avatar” and following the five-day event through links to video,news feed and other resources.

Support from the CCC also helpedBusted Halo, a website sponsored by the Missionary Society of St. Paul theApostle, reach a new audience with videos that support evangelization andcatechesis. Their “Sacraments 101” project provides videos for each of theseven Sacraments.

Fifty percent of the collectionstays in the local (arch)diocese to support local communication efforts. Tolearn more about what the Collection for the Catholic Communication Campaignsupports nationally, visit “Catholic Communication Campaign Resources”).


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