U.S. Bishops’ Migration Chairman Urges President Obama and Congress to Enact Comprehensive Immigration Reform

November 13, 2012 By Public Affairs Office

BALTIMORE— Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles, chairman ofUSCCB's Committee on Migration, urged President Barack Obama and the newlyelected Congress to work together to enact comprehensive immigration reform. ArchbishopGomez issued the statement during the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' FallGeneral Assembly, November 13 in Baltimore.

"I urge the President and Congressto seize the moment and begin the challenging process of fashioning abipartisan agreement," Archbishop Gomez said. "Millions of persons remain inthe shadows, without legal protection and marginalized from society. As a moralmatter, this suffering must end."

Archbishop Gomez urged lawmakers to work together on aproposal that upholds the rule of law, preserves family unity, and protects thehuman rights and dignity of individuals.He also urged fellow Catholics to make their voices heard in support of theissue.

The statement follows: 


Statement of Archbishop José H. Gomez
Archbishop of Los Angeles
Chairman, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop's Committee onMigration
Comprehensive Immigration Reform
November 13, 2012

In light of the unprecedented bipartisan support for comprehensiveimmigration reform expressed during the last week, I call upon President Obamaand congressional leadership to work together to enact bipartisan comprehensiveimmigration reform in 2013.

I am heartened by the recent public statements of the leaders ofboth political parties supporting the consideration of comprehensiveimmigration reform in the new Congress. I urge the President and Congress toseize the moment and begin the challenging process of fashioning a bipartisanagreement.

For decades, the U.S. Catholic bishops have advocated for a justand humane reform of our nation's immigration system. We have witnessed thefamily separation, exploitation, and the loss of life caused by the currentsystem. Millions of persons remain in the shadows, without legal protection andmarginalized from society. As a moral matter, this suffering must end.

I invite our fellow Catholics and others of good will to maketheir voices heard in support of this important issue. I encourage our electedofficials to work toward the creation of a system which upholds the rule oflaw, preserves family unity, and protects the human rights and dignity of theperson.


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