Catholics Nationwide Push For Immigration Reform

September 6, 2013 By Public Affairs Office

WASHINGTON—Catholic diocesesacross the country will hold events about the need for immigration reformbeginning September 8. The events are meant to highlight the urgency of theissue and to show Congress the broad support in the Catholic community forimmigration reform with a path to citizenship.

"Now is the time for Catholics tolet their elected officials know that they support immigration reform," saidArchbishop José Gomez, archbishop of Los Angeles and chairman of the U.S.Conference of Catholic Bishops' Committee on Migration. "We are an immigrant Churchand an immigrant nation. The Church has grown with the nation and since thebeginning has helped integrate immigrants into our culture and economy."

ArchbishopGomez added, "Right now, our immigration system is broken. As a result,families are being broken apart and millions of people, including children, arebeing hurt. We need immigration reform to help our nation live up to itsbeautiful promise of equality and dignity for all people."

Massesand events will be held in 22 states.Citiesholding Masses and events the weekend of September 8 include Los Angeles; Brooklyn, New York; Chicago; SanFrancisco; Green Bay, Wisconsin; Tampa Bay, Florida; San Antonio, Texas;Cincinnati; St. Louis; Scranton, Pennsylvania; Miami; Hartford, Connecticut;Kansas City, Missouri; Kansas City, Kansas; Raleigh, North Carolina; Arlington,Virginia; Richmond, Virginia; Salt Lake City and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Other events during the two-monthperiod include pilgrimages and educational events, such as public forums.Materials highlighting church teaching on immigration reform will bedistributed in many dioceses. Bishops, diocesan officials and parishrepresentatives also will be meeting with their House members to convey theCatholic Church's position on immigration reform. Additional Masses and eventswill be announced as information becomes available.

A listing of scheduled events can befound at:

General information on the CatholicChurch's position on immigration can be found at:


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