Cardinal Dolan Calls New FDA Abortion Drug Guidelines 'Irresponsible,' Offers Assistance to Pregnant Women

April 1, 2016 By Public Affairs Office

 WASHINGTON—Cardinal Dolan, archbishop of New York and chairof the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Committee on Pro-Life Activitiesresponded to new guidelines issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)for the abortion drug, RU-486.

"The FDA has irresponsibly loosened its guidelines for thedangerous abortion drug RU-486 expanding its use an additional three weeks intopregnancy, and allowing provision by non-physicians," he said. "The unofficial,off-label use of RU-486 is now the new normal, paving the way for thedestruction of even more innocent lives, and putting women and girls at riskfor all the life-changing effects of abortion."

"Far from wanting abortion to be 'rare', abortion advocates arecelebrating this expanded use as opening an ever-widening door to abortion.They are equally celebrating the FDA's neglect of women's health. Women havedied from this drug, and many who used it after 8 weeks of pregnancy ended upreturning for surgical abortions. This anguish, too, will now be visited onmore women," Cardinal Dolan said.

He concluded with an offer ofassistance to women: "Any woman who finds herself pregnant may come to Catholicagencies for non-judgmental, caring assistance. Catholic Charities, pregnancyhelp centers, and many parishes stand at the ready to assist those in need."

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