Bishops along Northern Mexico and Texas Border Issue Statement on Immigration

February 17, 2017 By Public Affairs Office
WASHINGTON—More than 20 Bishops along the border of Texas and Northern Mexico have issued a joint statement emphasizing the need for us to listen to the cry of our migrant brothers and sisters.  The bishops issued the statement while participating in the biannual Tex-Mex Border Bishops meeting this week. The meetings included priests, religious and layperson as well as invited representatives from other border dioceses in the United States and Mexico. The bi-annual meetings have taken place for more than 30 years.

In the statement, the bishops ask each of us to reflect on the lives of Jesus, Mary and Josephas migrants and refugees more than two-thousand years ago and to also heed the gospel call of Christ, "Because I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was hungry and you gave me food…." (Mt. 25: 35-36).

A copyof the bishops statement was shared with the USCCB and we are providingthat statement below in both English and Spanish:


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Judy Keane