Chairman of U.S. Bishops’ Conference Committee on Pro-Life Activities Applauds Cancellation of FDA Fetal Tissue Contract, Urges Additional HHS Action

September 27, 2018 By Public Affairs Office

WASHINGTON— CardinalTimothy Michael Dolan, Archbishop of New York and Chairman of the U.S.Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Committee on Pro-Life Activities, issueda statement today applauding initial steps taken by the Secretary of Health andHuman Services to terminate a Food and Drug Administration contract to purchaseaborted baby parts for research, but urging quick action to cease all fundingfor research using body parts from aborted babies.

Cardinal Dolan's fullstatement follows:

We applaud Secretary Azarand the Administration for cutting off ties to a company whose business is toprocure aborted baby parts for research. Not only has this company beenreferred for criminal investigation by the House and Senate but using federaltax dollars for such purposes is unethical and unacceptable.

While we are grateful forthis first step, it remains incumbent on the Administration to act quickly tocease all funding for research involving body parts from aborted babies. Thequestion is not exclusively what is permitted by law, but what is right andjust. For the federal government to create a demand for abortion and use thesechildren's body parts for research is wrong. We look forward to receivinganswers to the questions we and other pro-life organizations asked of SecretaryAzar in our September 11, 2018 letter regarding the funding and use of fetaltissue from aborted babies. Under a pro-life Administration, there is simply noroom for callously using aborted children to further a research goal. This muststop immediately. Our government shouldonly use taxpayer dollars for ethical research. ----

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Judy Keane