Help Spread the Gospel Through the Catholic Communication Campaign, May 12-13

May 8, 2018 By Public Affairs Office

WASHINGTON—The annual collectionfor the Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC) will be taken in many diocesesacross the United States on the weekend of May 12-13. This annual nationalappeal supports efforts in the United States and around the world to use themedia, internet, and print publications to help people connect with Christ.

"Through the Holy Spirit we havethe courage and wisdom to share the gospel message with our brothers andsisters here at home and around the world," said Bishop Joseph J. Tyson ofYakima, Washington, chairman of the Committee on Communications' Subcommitteeon the Catholic Communication Campaign. "Our call to spread the Gospel isanswered through our support of this collection. By our generosity, peoplearound the world have the resources to bring the presence of Christ to themargins."

Fifty percent of funds collectedremain in each diocese to support local communications efforts. The other halfis used to support national projects in the United States and in developingcountries around the world.

For example, in Nigeria, in WestAfrica, the Diocese of Makurdi is home to nearly 1 million Catholics. They areoften poor and live off the food they are able to farm. Despite thesechallenges, they worship in 70 parishes and 3,000 village churches across thediocese. But going to Mass is often difficult because they speak many differentlocal languages and do not always understand the language spoken. With thesupport of a CCC grant, the diocese has bridged these language barriers byrecording liturgical music and the Psalms in local languages by local choirs.Now people can go to Mass and understand what is being sung and join fully inthe liturgy.

The Subcommittee oversees thecollection and an annual grants program as part of the USCCB Committee onCommunications. Shareable resources for the collection are available online. More informationabout the Catholic Communication Campaign can be found at

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