U.S. Catholic Bishops’ Chairmen Deeply Disappointed by Congress’s Failure to Enact the Conscience Protection Act

March 22, 2018 By Public Affairs Office

WASHINGTON—CardinalTimothy M. Dolan of New York, chair of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops'(USCCB) Committee on Pro-Life Activities, and Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz ofLouisville, chair of the USCCB's Committee for Religious Liberty, reacted withdeep disappointment to the news that a very modest but critical piece oflegislation—the Conscience Protection Act—was not included in the 2018appropriations bill just released by Congress.

The full statement follows:

"The failure of Congress to include the ConscienceProtection Act in the 2018 omnibus appropriations bill is deeplydisappointing. The CPA is anextraordinarily modest bill that proposes almost no change to existingconscience protection laws on abortion—laws that receive wide public andbi-partisan support. The CPA simplyproposes to provide victims of discrimination with the ability to defend theirrights in court to help ensure that no one is forced to participate inabortion. Those inside and outside ofCongress who worked to defeat the CPA have placed themselves squarely into thecategory of extremists who insist that all Americans must be forced to participatein the violent act of abortion. We call on Congress not to give up until thiscritical legislation is enacted."

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