Dignity of Work 

With HHS Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation, USCCB/MRS' Anti-Trafficking department launched the Dignity of Work program to provide employment services to a group of individuals who were not eligible for benefits previously.  This program served individuals who are pre-certified or received certification when they were not ready for employment services, and missed out on vital assistance to help them re-enter the legitimate workforce.  The Dignity of Work program operated in Los Angeles (CA), Venice (FL), New York (NY), Louisville (KY), Boston (MA), Hartford (CT), and Houston (TX). The Anti-Trafficking Program worked with our network to provide employment services to 250 individuals in these cities.


After Rescue- Evaluation of Strategies to Integrate Survivors of Trafficking 

In partnership with Georgetown University, Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM), we received funding from the Department of Justice to conduct a 24-month research project to present a profile of survivors of human trafficking and to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions to stabilize, rehabilitate, and integrate them into the wider American society.  We used data from our administration of the national  per capita contract (funded by the U.S. Government's Department of Health and Human Services - HHS), as well as original & recent data, including on-site interviews with prior service providers and clients.  The objective of the project was to better our understanding of the characteristics of trafficked victims and the efficacy of different intervention strategies in stabilizing their well-being.