December 3

Memorial of St. Francis Xavier, Priest


In the coming weeks, we will remember a series of journeys in the Gospels: Mary's journey to visit her kinswoman, Elizabeth; the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem; and during the Christmas season, the journey of the magi to visit the baby Jesus, and Mary and Joseph's journey back to Jerusalem to find Jesus in the temple. Much like the travels of migrants and refugees today, these journeys were taken to find family, shelter and hope. Take time to read some recent stories of travel by migrants and refugees from all over the world, as shared through Pope Francis's Share the Journey campaign.


"We judge ourselves as a community of faith by the way we treat the most vulnerable among us. The treatment of migrants challenges the consciences of elected officials, policymakers, enforcement officers, residents of border communities, and providers of legal aid and social services, many of whom share our Catholic faith." (Strangers No Longer, Together on a Journey of Hope, no. 6) 


Offer prayers for migrants and refugees today.


Make or purchase an Advent calendar and open the window for the first day of the season or download our Family Advent Calendar and post it in your home as a reminder to take time for prayer and family every day during this holy season.