December 4

Tuesday of the First Week of Advent


Learn about the life andwork of St. John Damascene, whose feast day is today.


St. John Damascene explains how the Eucharist prolongs the Incarnation. "The archangel Gabriel answered [Mary]: 'the Holy Spirit shall come upon you, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow you' (Luke 1:34-35). And now you ask how the bread became Christ's body and the wine and water Christ's blood. And I say to you: The Holy Spirit is present and does those things which surpass reason and thought." --St. John of Damascus, On the Orthodox Faith 4.13


St. John Damascene was forced to leave his homeland because of his religion. Pray for religious freedom today.


Religious freedom is about preserving space to worship and serve. Celebrate religious freedom by gathering with friends and parishioners to discuss how your parish community can serve others. Need ideas? Check out the "Find a Service Opportunity" page at