April 7

Lent 2018

Fifth Sunday of Lent


A crown of thorns in a New York Church is symbolic of Lent.  CNS Photo/Octavio DuranRead

Take extra time with the Gospel today.


“We need to reject the desire to identify only with those who are sinless. How could the Church have excluded sinners from her ranks? It is for their salvation that Jesus took flesh, died and rose again.” (Pope Benedict XVI, Meeting with Clergy in Poland, May 25, 2006) 


Pray today for the courage to seek God’s will for you.


In today’s Gospel, Jesus challenges the scribes and Pharisees: “Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”  How often are you too quick to judge sinners? Take extra time to reflect on how you can be more loving and understanding of others you deem sinful.