March 7

Lent 2018

Thursday after Ash Wednesday 


Today we remember the two early Christian martyrs, Perpetua and Felicity. The two early martyrs are always mentioned together because of their close friendship and faith. 

During Lent, Memorials are observed as option (they may be omitted) or observed as commemorations.


Benedict XVI once said, “[God’s love] is a powerful force that impels us on the path of holiness, if necessary even to martyrdom” (Homily, March 25, 2007). 


Pray for persecuted Christians today with these sample intercessions.


Choose something to abstain from this Lent to help you grow in your spiritual journey. Apart from the prescribed days of fast and abstinence on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, and the days of abstinence every Friday of Lent, Catholics have traditionally chosen additional penitential practices for the whole Time of Lent.  These practices are disciplinary in nature and often more effective if they are continuous, i.e., kept on Sundays as well.  That being said, such practices are not regulated by the Church, but by individual conscience.