Prayer for the ad limina visits

Bishops return to the Holy See every five years for an "ad limina" visit to the pope and various officials. The United States' bishops begin their visits in November 2011.

Prayer for the ad limina visits

Blessed Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – you are the source of all life, salvation and holiness.Together with the bishops of our country, we pray to you as they make their pilgrimage "to the threshold" of the tombs of St. Peter and St. Paul in Rome.May this be a time of blessing for them, for our dioceses and for our country.

Jesus, as the glorious Lord and Savior, you are the Head of your Body, the Church.As you appointed the twelve apostles to be the first shepherds of your Church, so now you have appointed the bishops of our country as our shepherds today.May their visits with the Holy Father, the chief shepherd on earth of your flock, and with the offices of the Holy See under his care, be a time of grace and blessing.Lord Jesus, renew the bond of love and strengthen the ties unity between them and the Successor of St. Peter, so that your Church may be truly one, holy, catholic and apostolic.Together with the Holy Father may our Bishops grow in love for the truth of your Gospel and may they re-affirm their dedication to serve your Church in love.

Christ Jesus, during their visit to the See of St. Peter, confirm within them again the charge that you first gave them when they were ordained bishops – to preach and teach the truth of the Gospel in love and with conviction and courage, to shepherd their dioceses with wisdom and prudence, and to worked diligently for the sanctity of all who are under their care.Drive far from them all fear, worry and sadness.Fill them instead with your Spirit of joy, peace, patience and endurance.May they return to our dioceses refreshed to continue to guide your people with the strength and vitality of your Holy Spirit and so lead them to eternal life with you and all of the Saints.

We pray especially for our bishop, N., May God the Father's love be upon him as he travels and may Mary wrap her mantle of protection around him.

Father, through the Holy Spirit, we make this prayer in the name of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with you forever and ever.Amen