Authority of Environment and Art in Catholic Worship

What is the authority of the document Environment and Art in Catholic Worship?

Environment and Art in Catholic Worship is a 1978 statement of the then-NCCB Committee on the Liturgy. The purpose of the document was to provide principles for those involved in preparing liturgical space. The committee statement received the approval of the Administrative Committee in keeping with Conference policy. Because the document was not proposed as a statement of the whole conference of Bishops, the full body of bishops was never asked to consider it.

Environment and Art in Catholic Worship does not have the force of law in and of itself. It is not particular law for the dioceses of the United States of America, but a commentary on that law by the Committee for the Liturgy. However, it does quote several documents of the Apostolic See and in that sense it has the force of the documents it quotes in the areas where those documents legislate.

After a task group revisited the efficacy and principles of Environment and Art in Catholic Worship, the Latin Church bishops of the United States approved a series of guidelines on Church art and architecture in 2000, entitled Built of Living Stones: Art, Architecture and Worship.