Civilize It: Advent Prayer to be like Mary

Blessed Mother,

Mary, as we reflect on your yes to bring the Savior into the world,
we ask that you be with us as we strive to
bring Jesus to all those we encounter.

In this season of joyful hope, we turn to you for guidance.
May we imitate your loving example, and
steadfastly bring peace and justice to our world.

When we are tempted to distance ourselves from another,
give us the grace to say yes to charity.

When we are frustrated,
let us listen with our hearts to our neighbors.

When we are disappointed,
help us seek new solutions as you did when the Inn was full.

Let us embrace our own need for poverty
and humility in order to work toward creative solutions for our world
as we await the coming of Christ.


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Civilize It: Advent Prayer to be like Mary