Gracious Lord, Child of Bethlehem

Gracious Lord, Child of Bethlehem, As you were born into a family who fled to Egypt as refugees, help us grow in solidarity with refugees everywhere, to know we are all refugees, until our hearts find refuge in you.

As you were born under an oppressive regime, let us grow in solidarity with those whose governments deny them their rights and try to undermine their dignity. Help us work for just governance everywhere.

As it was workers, the shepherds, who first came to know you, the carpenter’s son, let us remember the dignity of human labor— that you share a special love for those who work hard for their sustenance, and toil beside them.

Let us honor you, in work and in prayer, that livelihoods may be secure, and that workers not be exploited.

As you were adored by the Magi who came from far-off nations to honor you, let us bring to all nations the great good news that is your love.

As your coming was joyfully sung by angels, let us with joy celebrate the gift of life every time a child of God is conceived, and honor that gift with our care.

As you were denied any birthplace but a stable, help us to open our homes, our lives, our hearts to the coming of God and his presence in your people.

Be born this time into our hearts, dear Lord. Gracious Lord, Child of Bethlehem, through the cradle of our hearts, be born into our world.