Help Us to Love Like the Good Samaritan

Prayer inspired by Fratelli Tutti, nos. 64, 67, 70


Lord Jesus,

You teach us in your parable that there are two kinds of people--
--those who bend down to help and those who look the other way.
Which kind of people will we be?

We say, “Yes, Lord, I will love you and love my neighbor.”
But then we ask:
The migrant... is she my neighbor?
Those in poverty...are they my neighbors?
Victims of war across the world... are they neighbors?
One who faces racism… is he my neighbor?
Those disabled or elderly... are they my neighbors?

You remind us: Yes. All of us neighbors.

Show us how to love, Lord.
May we open our eyes.
May we emerge from our comfortable isolation.
May we build a world of compassion and dignity.

Lord Jesus, who was neighbor to all,
Help us to persevere in love.
Help us to restore dignity to the suffering.
Help us to build a society based not on exclusion, but on community.



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