Prayer to Listen, Heal and Respond

Loving God, give us hearts that listen for your word.
Let us imitate the Good Samaritan, who does not turn away from suffering.

Help us listen.
            May we listen to those who struggle daily for dignity.
            Let us hear your voice in the stories of those on the margins.
            Help us always see what binds us together as sisters and brothers.

Help us to heal.
            May we be willing to stand in the place of others.
            Let us be open to difference that we may arrive at understanding.
            Help us to seek reconciliation that our world may reflect justice.

Help us respond.
            May our faith move us to action in the public square.
            Let us work with others of good will, finding solutions together.
            Help us exercise political charity, seeking the common good and dignity for all.

Lord, give us the courage to trust in your hand guiding us.

Give us the courage to respond like the Good Samaritan, setting aside divisions to attend to the needs of the other. May we know and see your love present in our communities, made real in the ways we love one another.



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