Catholic groups mobilize to end the death penalty in Georgia

Year Published
  • 2023
  • English

Upholding the inviolability and dignity of the human person, the Catholic Church teaches that, in light of the Gospel, capital punishment is inadmissible and can no longer be justified in modern society. Though the death penalty is still carried out in Georgia, Catholics and other people of faith are increasingly coming forward in opposition to its use. In order to build on these good works, our Catholic institutions come together through Georgia Catholics Against the Death Penalty to promote a spirituality of respect for life that encompasses victims of violent crime as well as those at risk of execution for capital offenses. Working directly with the Archdiocese of Atlanta, Diocese of Savannah, and the Georgia Catholic Conference, we work to build a network of parish leaders and other concerned Catholics to foster ongoing prayerful witness against the death penalty. Key to the struggle for abolition is education. We provide resources and speakers for parishes to offer formation on building a culture of life and advocating for a more restorative criminal legal system. Through this education, we can move toward mobilization and action aimed at awareness, moratorium, and abolition of the death penalty.

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