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Catholic Current Week of October 13, 2022

Catholic Current – Week of October 13, 2022

Following a court decision on DACA, the chairman of the USCCB Committee on Migration called for a long-term legislative solution. Learn more about the bishops’ campaign for comprehensive immigration reform at Justice for Immigrants.

Pope Francis canonized two new saints, St. Zatti and St. Giovanni Battista Scalabrini. In his remarks for the canonization, he says that the refusal to help migrants is “sinful” and “criminal.” Related CNS video.

The Federal Communications Commission voted to make communications technology available to people with hearing disabilities in prison. The USCCB Committee on Communications has long advocated for accessible communications and reasonable prison phone rates for people in prison or detention. Learn about the Catholic perspective on crime and criminal justice: Responsibility, Rehabilitation, and Restoration.

The Pope spoke about understanding and resisting temptation during his weekly general audience on October 5, 2022. Watch the video.

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