Our Goal: To help reduce the rate of HIV infection among African Americans.


Institute for Black Catholic Studies

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National African American Catholic Youth Ministry

National Association of Black Catholic Administrators

National Black Catholic Apostolate for Life

National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus

National Black Sisters’ Conference

Secretariat for African American Catholics


Impelled by a determination to reduce the rate of HIV infection among African Americans, the National African American Catholic HIV/AIDS Task Force works to spread the Good News that Jesus loves all of us including those living with HIV virus and AIDS. It endeavors to be a welcoming and compassionate community of believers towards those living with HIV and AIDS as well as their families and friends. Through programs of education the Task Force seeks to promote prevention, early testing for HIV infection followed by early treatment and referral to medical care facilities.

Background Information

The National African American Catholic HIV/AIDS Task Force is a network of national African American Catholic organizations that share a commitment to sanctity of life and a vision of the dignity of all human persons. The Task Force, working together, seeks to achieve its vision by:

  • Reaching out with compassion to those living with HIV and AIDS
  • Strengthening and supporting those who are ministering to persons living with HIV/AIDS
  • Developing and disseminating educational materials that provide information from a Catholic perspective on the prevention of HIV and AIDS
  • Providing worship aides and materials for Catholic parishes and schools
  • Networking with one another, other Catholic organizations and agencies who have an HIV/AIDS focus
  • Exerting leadership in the public for those who are living with HIV/AIDS
  • Mobilizing for local and national action within the Black Catholic communities

African American Catholic HIV/AIDS Affiliates

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