"Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter from Birmingham Jail is a classic document worthy of regular review and reflection..."
- Study Guide Introduction Letter by Bishop Denis Madden and Bishop Daniel Flores

Christian Churches Together, on the 50th anniversary of the Letter from Birmingham Jail, released a response to Martin Luther King Jr.'s statement as well as a study guide for reflection. Below you will find the full package - Introduction Letter, the Study Guide Intro for Catholics and the CCT Study Guide. 

Full Study Guide | Study Guide Intro for Catholics | CCT Study Guide

Read historical summaries for two significant periods:
And follow links below for insights into Jewish life at the time of Jesus:

Reference Documents

On Racial Harmony  A Statement by the Administrative Board, National Catholic Welfare Conference, August 23, 1963 – reaffirms the U.S. Catholic bishops’ official position against racial discrimination and segregation.

Brothers and Sisters to Us  U.S. Bishops Pastoral Letter on Racism in Our Day, 1979 – clarifies the sinful nature of racism; acknowledges legal remedies of the civil rights era, recognizes continued need for personal and social transformation, and underscores the intrinsic relationship between racial and economic justice.

What We Have Seen & Heard  A Pastoral Letter on Evangelization From the Black Bishops of the United States, September 9, 1984 – a message to and for Catholics of African descent.

Reconciled Through Christ  On Reconciliation and Greater Collaboration Between Hispanic American Catholics and African American Catholics, February 1997 – reissued online in September 2013, articulates common backgrounds, experiences, concerns and shared values; renews the invitation to build relationships across cultural lines though joint dialog and active collaboration.