List of resources

Looking for more information about Catholics and the Civil Rights Movement? Check out this list of resources including videos, books and dissertations. New material will be added throughout the year, so check back for additional resources. Special thanks to Dr. Cecilia A. Moore, Associate Profession of Religious Studies at the University of Dayton, for compiling this list.

Ideas for Engaging

Check out our 50 Ideas for Engaging with the 50th Anniversaries. These suggestions are designed to engage your community and family and inspire you to create your own events.

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Greek Orthodox Archdiocese

In 1965, Archbishop Iakovos of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese attended a march to the Dallas County Courthouse in Selma, Alabama led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. following Bloody Sunday. Learn more about Archbishop Iakovos' involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.

To Serve Through Compelling Love

U.S. Catholic Historian published an article by Dr. Cecilia A Moore in 2006 about the Society of Christ the King in Danville, VA and the work they did for civil rights. Check out To Serve Through Compelling Love: The Society of Christ Our King and the Civil Rights Movement in Danville, Virginia, 1963 by Dr. Moore for a look at the how these sisters stood up for civil rights.

Recommended reading

Reviews of books about inspiring African Americans

Freedom Summer and the Freedom Riders

The Voices of Freedom Summer: Recalling a Season that Changed America - This program by KERA News has audio clips from participants and students of the Freedom Summer

American Experience: Freedom Riders - PBS' American Experience documentary and accompanying website includes info on the historic context, a full list and selected bios of the original freedom riders and coverage of college students retracing and complete the Freedom Ride to New Orleans in 2011. Among the students in 2011 was Karl Kumodzi, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development’s 2012 Cardinal Bernardin Award winner.