" If it infects one of us…it affects all of us."

World AIDS Day is recognized every year on December 1. It is a day when the entire community recognizes the impact of HIV and AIDS and its effects on the global family. World AIDS Day is also a day when the world joins hands and hearts to address the pain, the stigma, and the great loss of so many lives. World AIDS Day is a time for us as Black Catholics to unite with the international community in addressing AIDS. It is a time for us to witness, by words and action, the compassion of Jesus as we pray as a people of faith and hope for the healing of HIV and AIDS.

The National Plan of Action adopted by the National Black Catholic Congress IX in 2002, states, HIV/AIDS is one of the most devastating diseases confronting the African American community, Black Catholics and other Catholics must engage in efforts to assist in research, treatment, education and elimination of this disease.

World AIDS Day Resources

 Below are downloadable fact sheets describing the current state of HIV and AIDS in communities of color (click to download)

Spread the Word! HIV/AIDS Prayer Cards and Bookmarks Available for Purchase

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